How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death

How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death


Almost all the people using Windows must have at least once have experienced the infamous ‘Windows Stop Error’ aka the ‘blue screen of death’. It is a real nuisance and more often than not, people give it up without even trying because they think fixing this glitch requires one to be highly tech-savvy and they keep pounding their head for the answer to the question of ‘how to fix blue screen of death’.

When people see this error, it automatically means that there is something wrong with the system and for the average computer user, this may be too much information to handle. Here is where they go completely wrong. Indeed, fixing this error isn’t a cakewalk but it isn’t rocket science either. Despite this, there are many solutions to fixing the blue screen of death, provided people know where to look. A few of these solutions are mentioned below:

•    The first way to get rid of this error would be to the boot the system while it is in the safe mode. This option is the quickest and has a 50% probability of yielding positive results. These results also depend on how far the computer boots. The first thing people need to do is to reach safe mode for which they have to press the F8 key. They then have to go to ‘My Computer’ and click on the disc (C:) for selecting Properties from the menu that drops down. Next, they would have to choose an ‘error check’ and ‘disc cleaning’ which can be selected by accessing the tools tab.

•    The next method is to fix this error using a bootable disc. People can use any software like the Wondershare LiveBoot CD that fixes the glitch in almost no time using a USB or a CD. The first step for this method would be to burn any bootable USB or CD using Live Boot or any other software. This involves downloading the Live Boot software and then ‘burning’ the CD or USB.

The next step then is to boot the computer. As the system loads, people should press the F12 key for accessing the Device Boot Menu and click the USB CD-ROM icon which takes them to the Boot menu. They then have to choose the option of ‘Boot from Live Boot’ from two options, in which the other option will be that of ‘Boot from hard disk’.  The next step in order would be to restart the computer and then go to ‘Recovery’ for selecting the ‘Loading Crash Solution’ tab. This tab contains four options; users can select any which enables them to successfully open Windows. This would surely answer how to fix blue screen of error.

•    There are a few other methods to how you can fix the blue screen of death’. For instance, users can run Microsoft System Restore to restore the computer to the last point. Another way would be to run software like Registry Editor or Registry Recovery, which will register or restore the system’s individual registry depending on the software used.