How To Fix Blue Screen Of Death

Ati2dvag Blue Screen


Quite often the ati2dvag blue screen crash (like the one above) happens when launching or playing video games. But it can also happen intermittently, usually without any warning which means any unsaved data will be lost. Occasionally you might see a warning message telling you that the ati2dvag driver has failed.

Perhaps the most probable case for this stop error message is a graphics card driver incompatibility. Often updating your graphics card with the latest driver will put this problem to bed. You can download drivers from the manufacturer's website. Be sure to check that you are indeed downloading the driver for your card.

Before you install the updated driver, be sure to remove the old driver first and restart your computer. Uninstall the driver correctly by going to Control Panel, then System, click on Hardware, then Device Manager and then choose to uninstall the device driver in Display Adaptors.

Your PC should revert to Windows default driver and should give you a good indication whether this is the actual cause for the ati2dvag blue screen or not. If your computer runs fine without any BSOD occurrences then commence installation of the new ATI driver.

Ensure when updating, that you're not running any other programs and you have no prescheduled antivirus scans running in the background. As an extra precaution you should consider disabling certain devices that share resources with your card.

If this does not work you might want to try disabling the ATI External Event Utility. Before doing this however you may want to consult a professional PC technician as it could cause other problems. First access, run command, and then type: services.msc.

Following this, access the ATI External Utility's Properties window and select disable for the Startup Type. Caution should be taken when making changes to your computer. If you're not comfortable in making changes, ask a professional.

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